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Hello and welcome to my webpage - the webpage created (and primarly about) the genius that is Mark Arnold. Here you will find info on me, the things I like (and dislike), my current highs and lows at Lancaster uni and general mug shots of drunkards (no one shall escape:D).
Please sign the guestbook or e-mail about anything you wish.
Have fun!

The pic is of me - living it up at maidenhead weatherspoons on new years eve 2003 - ah memories.


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What's New?

20/03/04: New blog entry 02/03/04: After some annoying tech difficulties i can update again - hurrah! New blog entry.

29/1/04: Added a new photos page.
27/1/04: Added a new blog entry.
21/1/04: Added some more personality tests and two new pics pages.
9/1/04: Finally added a new blog entry and some new links.
1/12/03: New blog entry, new pics page, new personality tests page, started links page.
24/11/03: New Blog entry and some pics are up.
23/11/2003: Added Entertainment and Blogs pages. Currently compiling some photos for the pics page, and should be up soon.
20/11/2003: I have published the website. It's in its early days at the moment and still needs quite a lot of work, but check back later and there will be more stuff (and mughsots).

Please sign my guestbook!

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